Megan Nguyen’s site rocks

Who likes girls who can punch, kick, dance, act, model, and flip? Me too. Well I just so happen to know one named Megan Nguyen. From an tough as nails girly Lee Sister to an accomplished stunt performer she can do it all!!If you go check out her site at not only will you find lots of pics of her doing all these things but you might hear a cool little groove from yours truly.

Anyway here she is being Psylocke.

After you visit her site and listen to my awesome tune you can check her out on the web:

Man in White @ EMCRevolution

Well it’s been sometime since my last post and I could bore you with details about how busy I was after the release of Wasteland or getting married but no one cares about that right? I’ve got something much better to show you. I’ve been working with the EMC Monkeys on their new channel EMC Revolution. The monkeys have been kind enough to let me score their new videos. You know what’s awesome about that? I’ll tell you. I get to make some cool music to AWESOME videos of ninjas beating each other about the face!! Be sure to subscribe to their channel and see what I’m talking about!! Oh and that Thing I said I was working on, here is Man in White, watch it and let me know how you feel about awesome MARTIAL ARTS!!!