EMC goes Flashpoint Style

If you’re at all a fan of martial art movies then you are probably aware of Donnie Yen’s work. One of his more recent movies (besides the awesomer than awesome Ip Man) is Flashpoint where he uses a very interesting amount of MMA in his choreography. Well, guess what. Malay and Tony can do MMA too. So here they are punching each other to wonderful music (by your truly!).

In addition to the awesome videos that EMC Revolution put up each week there’s also a channel the guys have been working on called the Urban Ninja Academy that has videos of the guys skill and sometimes tutorials so you can be a ninja too! Be sure to subscribe to that too!!

…But me, I like the bloopers.

Winning you over one punch at a a time.

Dragon Stooges Forever

You know what’s really cool? Remember those old school kung fu flicks that had hilarious fights and sick choreography? Well this weeks video from EMC Revolution has all of that!! …. And the added hilarity of Xin wearing an apron. Enjoy and share it up!!

When they're not fighting in aprons they stand in a group asking rhetorical questions.

The Great Escape

Here’s this weeks video from EMC Revolution. I really went in a different direction with the feel and sound of this one but I’m really glad the guys went with it. Check it out and let me know what you think. Comment here or on their page we all love feedback and you should really subscribe to get to watch great stuff like this every week!

Download my new album for FREE!

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!!

I put together the newest Helix Of My Life album and I’ve got it ready to download here for free. As usual they’re all my renditions of some really cool songs. Download  here or on the MUSIC page and give them a listen!

Click here to download the Wallpaper!

1-Way to the Dawn (Yoko Shimomura)

2-Say Goodnight (Bullet For My Valentine)

3-Gone Away (Cold)

4-Future (CLAWN)

5-Nutshell (Alice in Chains)

6-Check Please (Cold)

Or get the entire CD Zipped HERE.

My Composer’s Reel

If you are unfamiliar with the uses of a “reel” It’s basically a business card in the form of a video. I’ve put this together to show some of my musical endeavors and I hope you enjoy listening.

….And while you’re at it let me know what you think.

For all your musical needs...

P.S. More to listen to soon….

MonkeyZero RUMBLE

You know how I like to spend my free time? Hanging with friends and beating the bloody face off of anything that blinks. If you’re anything like me then you’ll LOVE this weeks video from EMCRevolution. It’s bloody, bone breaking, Battle Royale fun!! Of course you always need great music to break faces to so i whipped up the kick ass song featured in this vid that I affectionately call MonkeyZero. Enjoy!!


Awesome Wallpaper by Loan!