From film score to metal songs and a whole lot in between. Here are a few freebies.

…. and who doesn’t like freebies?


The Road to Dawn

Download the WHOLE CD here for FREE!

1-Way to the Dawn (Yoko Shimomura)

2-Say Goodnight (Bullet For My Valentine)

3-Gone Away (Cold)

4-Future (CLAWN)

5-Nutshell (Alice in Chains)

6-Check Please (Cold)

Or get the entire CD Zipped HERE.

The End of the World (Cold)

The Fiction We Live (Reply to Autumns Monologue) (From Autumn To Ashes)

Wasted Years (Cold)

Sober (Tool)

Bleed (Cold)

Be Quiet and Drive (Deftones)


Score Music:

Get Infected



Fast Track

The Man With No Name

The Cave

Living Death

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  2. I can’t seems to find the Crow Zero Explode music anywhere. Where can I download it? And if you have it, can you give me the link? Thanks in advance.

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