1 Step From the Drift Line

Magenta rain on the backs of eyelids
Never more that one step away
Never more than one step removed
Walls of light and sound close in
Judgement of one
An Empty Room
To while away eternity
One truth
Six Chambers
Whirling past tympanic membranes
Strobes of light pierce shadows
Sorrow falls from the heavens
a fingertip finds a hold
As if for one instant the skies would part
hopeful illusion
fallen out of reach
There is no forgiveness
as bolts scream overhead
The seventh chamber
is nothing more than a mausoleum
and the others
a sardonic smile crosses split lips
tightening the flexor digitorium profundis
changes mortal apathy

into eternal abaddon
Nine concentric rings
To live this nightmare
again and again

-s 20090425


The light burns to the touch
A scribbled corner of perception
What do you see?
What did you see?
Corneas twisted in opposite directions
Straining to perceive the intangible
A sound of paranoia
Reverberating through imagination
Growing still without source or stimuli
Breath shallow heart quickened
In the deepest corners of the sublime
Where the edges of sanity
Meet the spreading of madness
Blood drenched walls scream
High pitched wails of tortured wraiths
Breaking through to find my peace
Huddled in this corner
Surrounded by creatures
Covered in blood
Perception untainted
Realities crumble before the power of my mind
Unified thought, veins, and soul
Bring this world and everything in it to its knees
Cowering behind the power of focus
Endless moonless nights
Horrifying nightmares surround me
Blood flows from these onyx eyes
Anguish cauterizing my soul
This is my world
This is my Nightmare
This is my home



(In addition to making music I also write occasionally. Songs, prose, poetry, or whatever you want to call it. I hope you enjoy.)