One Free Song and More EMC Hilarity

Well this month’s first post is awfully late isn’t it. Well no matter, what’s important is it’s here and by special request here is a free song to make you smile!!


Click this link to download Monkey Zero from the Monkey Rumble video!

So since you are here take a look at these peeks into the lives of famous Martial Arts icons (the term icon may only apply to one of these personalities)

In case you want to catch up check out the EMC Revolution channel for more moments, great fights, stop motion, and funny action!! Thanks for listening!!


MonkeyZero RUMBLE

You know how I like to spend my free time? Hanging with friends and beating the bloody face off of anything that blinks. If you’re anything like me then you’ll LOVE this weeks video from EMCRevolution. It’s bloody, bone breaking, Battle Royale fun!! Of course you always need great music to break faces to so i whipped up the kick ass song featured in this vid that I affectionately call MonkeyZero. Enjoy!!


Awesome Wallpaper by Loan!