The Drift Line

Holding the hands tightly
An involuntary shudder
Courses through the flexor digitorum profundus
Lungs filled with salt
A heartbeat ahead of the mistake
Lovingly wrapped in chains
Wind pounding into a tympanic membrane
Watering eyes
or is it something else
Push back the tide
to tell of this no more
and find a hole of solace
Where deaf ears and mute mouths
are the only company to keep
Inside an hourglass
Under sunlights reflection
a fond goodbye
is never heard
and a long farewell
is the final act of kindness
at the edge of sanity

The flexor digitorum profundus continues to shake

-s 20090422


The light burns to the touch
A scribbled corner of perception
What do you see?
What did you see?
Corneas twisted in opposite directions
Straining to perceive the intangible
A sound of paranoia
Reverberating through imagination
Growing still without source or stimuli
Breath shallow heart quickened
In the deepest corners of the sublime
Where the edges of sanity
Meet the spreading of madness
Blood drenched walls scream
High pitched wails of tortured wraiths
Breaking through to find my peace
Huddled in this corner
Surrounded by creatures
Covered in blood
Perception untainted
Realities crumble before the power of my mind
Unified thought, veins, and soul
Bring this world and everything in it to its knees
Cowering behind the power of focus
Endless moonless nights
Horrifying nightmares surround me
Blood flows from these onyx eyes
Anguish cauterizing my soul
This is my world
This is my Nightmare
This is my home



(In addition to making music I also write occasionally. Songs, prose, poetry, or whatever you want to call it. I hope you enjoy.)