The Ballad of Lizzy’s Art Crawling and Axel’s Sixth Year of Existence

Isn’t this awesome?

So apart from the literal face-melting weather this weekend my family had a few great events. Apart from my son Axel’s monumental age change from 5 to 6 (and the LEGO building, Castle painting, and Mimi’s eating therein) we visited some art. We live in Anaheim and there’s always some little festival, swap meet, or some Downtown experience to visit. I’m pretty sure the Downtown guys are trying to CPR the mostly vacant downtown little district’s mostly empty shops and eateries. Although I sometimes loath the thought at dragging myself outside to walk\stand in the sun for a few hours at some trinket table, this one was actually fun. It was the Anaheim Art Crawl. Contrary to popular belief I do enjoy art I just have very specific tastes. There were lots of chalk drawings along the street and messages written for the reader. There was a Swing Band and pro dancers. There was that awesome Healthy Junk eatery that Liz and I enjoy so much. But there was one booth I was particularly interested in.

There was an artist named Jake Perez who had a setup where he was painting while we watched. Looking at his work I was blown away or face-melted without temperature. He had all these painting of Zombies with bloody mouths or glowing eyes or just a bunch of really bad ass horror paintings. I quickly grabbed a card and watched as the Artist painted colors onto some grisly zombie face. My daughter caught up with me and asked “Is this the Walking Dead?” I quickly reminded her of Romero’s work. Lizzy is very artistic and draws a lot of pictures in her little notepads and such. I’ll come to my desk sometimes and find a few pages of illustrations. Sometimes It’s a little comic starring our family as ninjas. Other times it’s Pyramid Head from Silent Hill. Then every now and then she draws Alien vs Predator (of course she calls the Predator daddy.) We walked the rest of the show and came back to sit in front of the booth (in our opinion was the best view of the place) and ogled the awesomeness a bit more.

Lizzy and Axel found some chalk and set to creating their own masterpieces on the asphalt. Axel turned out a Vampire, a mummy, and a werewolf (which he called daddy). and Lizzy drew a Zombie. Not just any zombie however, the zombie we were staring at about 15 feet across the street. And she did pretty good. It actually looked like the painting. We told her she should show it to the artist and let him know how much she liked his work. She ran across the street and conversed for a few moments and came back with a signed print!! A few moments later the artist himself, a Mr. Jake Perez came and snapped a shot of her homage. We thanked him he thanked us and we went home and framed his print. The next day I was blown away to see he had put Lizzy’s chalk drawing on his blog.

Thanks Jake. You inspired my little girl and I can’t thank you enough for that.

Pretty “Dead” on.

See? Proof I didn’t make this story up.

You want to be inspired? Check out Jake’s site.

When You Lose Your Way Read This

Hear this when you lose it all.
Listen when your hope is lost.

Scattered across a forgotten memory.

A promise.
An echo.
A song.

This fire never dies.
The ending never comes.
Just breathe and close your eyes.
Hear the will of my resolve.

I cannot compromise.
I cannot turn this off.
In these shadows I reside.
Without light I carry on.

So many pages passed as I try to find where I got lost.
So many stories told, every one further from you.
One last scream. A room with empty walls.
Never forget where I stand.
Never forget what I’ve seen.
Never forget who I am.
Never forget what I’ve been.

Killing away at the scars that hide you from me.
Tearing away at the last forgotten piece of me.
Finding a way to bring you back again.
Dreaming a way to change reality.

One more story to give.
One last life to live.
One more failure
One more wish

Bring it back.

This fire never dies.
The ending never comes.
Just breathe and close your eyes.
Hear the will of my resolve.

I cannot compromise.
I cannot turn this off.
In these shadows I reside.
Without light I carry on.

How far now?
I can’t tell you until it’s done.
Forget the end forget the horizon.
Let the story bring you along.
Without the will I hold inside.
Across the stars I paint my life.
Days blur by years fall away
Forget the light it’s not for me.

Just breathe
Close your eyes
think of me.

Can you hear me scream?

This fire never dies.
The ending never comes.
Just breathe and close your eyes.
Hear the will of my resolve.

I cannot compromise.
I cannot turn this off.
In these shadows I reside.
Without light I carry on.

When you lose all hope
Never forget these dreams
When you’re finally alone
remember all I’ve seen.

One shadow
One song

One life

Live it.

Embrace your dreams.

-s 20100412

Forward Too Fast

Stare through windows of the past
Seeing through the eyes of yesterday
Forgotten times of a forgotten life
But even then those were my eyes

Run away
Lost my way
Sky is clear
I feel no fear

We all see differently but you still can’t tell me who I am
You’re not who I met so long ago but everyone changes now and again
So take life as it goes. Fate is not up to us
I’m sorry but I never forgot you. Please don’t forget me

Run away
Somewhere I
Lost my way
Over me
Sky is clear
Inside I
Feel no fear

Who I am is not who I was
Why can’t things stay the same divided by ideas
Never stopped us before
Forward too fast but true forever

Run away
Somewhere I
Lost my way
Over me
Sky is clear
Inside I
Feel no fear

-s, CHUNK circa 2001

1 Step From the Drift Line

Magenta rain on the backs of eyelids
Never more that one step away
Never more than one step removed
Walls of light and sound close in
Judgement of one
An Empty Room
To while away eternity
One truth
Six Chambers
Whirling past tympanic membranes
Strobes of light pierce shadows
Sorrow falls from the heavens
a fingertip finds a hold
As if for one instant the skies would part
hopeful illusion
fallen out of reach
There is no forgiveness
as bolts scream overhead
The seventh chamber
is nothing more than a mausoleum
and the others
a sardonic smile crosses split lips
tightening the flexor digitorium profundis
changes mortal apathy

into eternal abaddon
Nine concentric rings
To live this nightmare
again and again

-s 20090425

The Drift Line

Holding the hands tightly
An involuntary shudder
Courses through the flexor digitorum profundus
Lungs filled with salt
A heartbeat ahead of the mistake
Lovingly wrapped in chains
Wind pounding into a tympanic membrane
Watering eyes
or is it something else
Push back the tide
to tell of this no more
and find a hole of solace
Where deaf ears and mute mouths
are the only company to keep
Inside an hourglass
Under sunlights reflection
a fond goodbye
is never heard
and a long farewell
is the final act of kindness
at the edge of sanity

The flexor digitorum profundus continues to shake

-s 20090422

1 Step to the Drift Line

A vergence
as adrenaline surges through
the irony of brief immortality
and the permanence of consequences

cervical fingerprints
an unforethought imprint
of subconscious rage
dances with reality
ever changing dreams
into posthumous surrealism

an excess of auditory stimuli
an abscess of premeditation
all within the cortex

hands drowning in blood
attempt to wipe time clean of this
wiping away at a furrowed brow

One way to leave this room
One answer to do away with this world
One road for rebirth
One epilogue to make this fiction

-s 20090520

2 Steps to the Drift Line

Alive in this darkness
Penetrating joy
Rejoice in this
unfathomable truth
a lifetime to be here
as if the dreams would never compare
Nothing would ever be the same
Resting upon this clavicle
breathing away dusk
holding gently
Mixing dioxide
in this state
Dreams melting away
Broadsided by this vivid saturated reality
as a match to a napalm burn


a sledgehammer shatters everything
and a fire ignites with a fury

One short blink
Leaves all changed

The flexor digitorium profundis begins to shake

-s 20090424